How I Work

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How I work with humanistic counselling

Sometimes, people come for counselling because a specific change has occurred in their life which has brought up difficult feelings. Illness, bereavement, unemployment, a relationship break-down, are common triggers for seeking out the services of a skilled therapist.

Others come because they realise they have problems with a deeper root, which will not go away by themselves. In fact, many of our difficulties begin in childhood and become more established over time, burrowing down into our lives and creating unwanted behaviours. The unhappiness we experience in the present can often be confusing, because we don’t realise it is being caused by things that happened long ago, which we were never able to process.

By working with problems that are troubling you in the ‘here and now’, we can identify patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving which may have begun in childhood or adolescence and are still dominating your life. My aim is to provide a safe place where you can open up to your true feelings and begin the process of inner change. My focus is always on helping individuals recognise their intrinsic value, strength and capacity for healing.

The relationship between counsellor and client is crucial for successful outcomes. I take this responsibility seriously and consider it a privilege to be given the opportunity to accompany you on your journey. My role is not to give you advice, but to help you clarify the issues you are dealing with and become more aware of your choices. I provide a professional context for confronting your issues, and enable you to discover a life free from the bonds of the past.

For more information about humanistic counselling and/or to book an appointment, please contact me. Anything you tell me will be kept in strict confidence.

"You have been extremely helpful to me. I feel more grounded, whole and actually happier than I have ever felt. It didn't happen overnight, but I have felt a deep shift in my way of being in the world."